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22 September 2008

[urgent] Tuition Teacher Needed

Who: Boy
Level: JC1 (IB syllabus)
Sub: Maths
When: now till late dec (to prepare the boy for jc2)
Money: negotiable

rsvp asap!

18 August 2008

Hey thanks to simpson's hardwork here's the list of who goes where :)
(Click open to view larger version)

05 August 2008

Hey people, below is a list of flight time our classmates will be flying off. Most of them will reach airport like 2hr before the flight time. So u all can arrange the time and send them off IF u are available at that time.

Sorry girls, i can't send u off because I am in Malaysia. But I wish everyone bon voyage! If i miss out anyone, please update me so i can add you in. And those I put ''?'', update me as well

01 August 2008

More Lobang

1) Fairfield Methodist Primary.
Teach Maths to four groups of ten P6 pupils each, pulled out of their normal classes.
Total 24 periods. Aug only.
If interested, rsvp soon for more details.

2) Tutor IB (JC1) Chinese. Apparently this IB JC1 syllabus is super duper easy.
A couple of times per week with the boy cos his exams are coming up in Oct and this mom is anxious over his CMI chinese standard and wants someone to go through some readings and stuff with him.
Again, interested rsvp for more details.

25 July 2008

hello! simpson's in singapore and he wants to have lunch with the class.

Date: 26 Jul 08 (sat/tmr)
Time: 11.15am
Meeting place: Plaza Singapura Main Entrance

see u there!

~Jun Yan

04 July 2008

Anyone interested in relief teaching at Nan Hua High, for Math?

School: Nanhua High
Duration: 21 July to 2 Aug
Subject: Math
Level: Sec 4 (Revision for O-levels), Sec 3 (Linear Law and Circular/Angle properties)
Pay: 65 per day

Répondez s'il vous plaît. Merci.

05 June 2008

FRIENDS (06S7A version)